The McBryde Family Tree

Robert McBryde
( )
James McBryde
Hugh McBryde
   Alexander Porter McBryde    (1805-1864)
  Robert Cornelius McBryde    (1852-1911)
Cub Porter McBryde
Robert Coy McBryde
Vernon Eugene McBryde
Carlton Bryan McBryde
Brandon Alexander McBryde(1988)
Robert Benjamin McBryde
Brett Carleton McBryde
m. Alexander Porter McBryde
born:  March 12, 1805 > Cedar Springs
   (Abbeville County)
> South Carolina  
died:  September 22, 1864   > Arkansas  
father:  Hugh M. McBryde
mother:  Martha Ross McBryde
brother:  Robert McBryde born:  1787
brother:  James McBryde born:  1788
sister:  Jean McBryde born:  1791
brother:  Thomas McBryde born:  1794
brother:  John Ross McBryde born:  1795
brother:  Hugh Heart McBryde born:  1798
brother:  William McBryde born:  1800
brother:  David McBryde born:  1803
wife:  Sarah Crawford McBryde <city> > South Carolina <where>
married:  February 24, 1831      
daughter:  Martha A. McBryde Reynolds born:  1833
son:  Enos Presley McBryde born:  1835
son:  Hugh Porter McBryde born:  1838
daughter:  Mary Ann Rebecca McBryde born:  1840
son:  Samuel Oliver McBryde born:  1843
daughter:  Amelia Isabella McBryde born:  1844
daughter:  Ofelia Armathine McBryde born:  1846
daughter:  Mary Euphemia McBryde born:  1849
son:  Robert Cornelius McBryde born:  1852
> Alexander possibly changed the spelling of his surname from McBride to McBryde.
Alexander Porter McBryde> Internment:  Jones Cemetery, Lincoln County, Arkansas
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